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Sales Excellence 2.0 – The Science of Selling

At 10:00 am
St Marks Hotel. 4/1 St Marks rd, Bangalore, India

Jump Start Your Personal Brand

At 10:00 am
St Marks Hotel, 4/1, St Marks Rd, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Relationship Based Marketing

At 10:00 am
To Be Decided. Bangalore, India

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How to Never Miss a Deadline

Projects and deadlines are synonymous. If you have ever run a project, you know the greatest threat to the success of the project are timelines and deadlines. If your project misses a deadline, this can snowball into a higher budget, unhappy clients, missed market opportunities and an overall failure of the project. Hitting those deadlines […]

7 Tips for Starting a Small Business

There are plenty of reasons starting a small business is worth your consideration: solving consumer needs, being your own boss, pursuing a passion. The list goes on. However, for every pro, there seems to a corresponding con which leaves room for reasonable doubt. Small business owners are hit with a multitude of challenges and obstacles […]