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Sales Excellence 2.0 – The Science of Selling

At 10:00 am
To Be Decided. Bangalore, India

Jump Start Your Personal Brand

At 10:00 am
St Marks Hotel, 4/1, St Marks Rd, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Relationship Based Marketing

At 10:00 am
To Be Decided. Bangalore, India

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Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for An eCommerce Store

The online shopping market is increasing globally. A lot of thanks go to tech-savvy and indulgent shoppers who prefer buying products and services online rather than visiting brick and mortar shops for the same purpose. A sharp boom in the eCommerce business has invigorated traditional entrepreneurs to take their business to the WWW and grow […]

How to Be Both Boss and Mentor

The Difference Between a Boss and a Mentor A mentor, by definition, is a person who focuses on the growth and development of their mentee. It’s a deeper connection than the one between a manager and employee. Managers care about productivity, so employees only care about their paycheck. Mentors care about their mentee and seeing […]