How to Build A Stronger Bond with Your Email Subscribers

In a world where email works wonders for businesses, it is hard to stay away from the benefits it offers you. Research has shown that 70% of customers make use of coupons they learn about via emails. More than half of the participants in a research study said they subscribe to an email list because […]

10 Tax Saving Tips for Business Owners

Income tax is the harsh reality that every business owner has to accept. And of course, “The hardest thing to understand in this world is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein. However, it is our duty to contribute towards paying tax, and we can’t escape from this duty because it is the source of revenue […]

Dancer, Guinness Book World Record Holder, and Chronic Kidney Disease Survivor: Lourd Vijay’s Story

An artist’s life seems glamourous. But sickness doesn’t discriminate.. If you’ve heard or read about Lourd Vijay, you probably know him as a Guinness World Record holder, professional dancer, and trainer. Lourd Vijay is known for his phenomenal contributions to the Latin dance world, the numerous awards and recognitions that he’s won as a dancer, […]

10 Tiny Tips To Make An Office Feel Like Home

The success of every business lies in its workforce productivity. Employees who are motivated and willing to give their best further contribute to a company’s success. It is very critical, and tricky, to keep your employees satisfied. There’s a lot that needs to be taken care of, other than excellent managerial skills, to keep employees motivated. As […]

Rohit Bagaria, Changing the Way E-Waste is Dispensed

With technology being upgraded every day, gadgets are becoming obsolete at a faster pace than ever before. This means two things. One; people are obsessed with the latest technology, and will buy anything that is newly launched. Two; they will discard their old gadgets, piling up e-waste at a dangerous level. India has emerged as […]

18 Statistics That Prove Personal Branding Is Necessary

Personal branding is not just a buzz word anymore. It’s a necessity. Differentiation yourself from everyone else who provide similar services is a need more than a want. In my personal branding workshops, the most common question I get is – why should I invest in personal branding? Why not in product branding? Let me […]

Top Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Good marketing makes a company look smart. Great marketing makes a customer feel smart. Email marketing is traditional and one of the most widely used marketing techniques. What makes email marketing very popular is the fact that it has the ability to directly hit the customer’s inbox, plus it’s a very cost-effective way to publicize one’s business. Though many marketing […]

How To Make Strong Business Decisions That Are Not Influenced By Emotions

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. Choosing between the right and wrong alternatives can get you into that thin gray area, right between the white and the black. What do I do when I’m stuck while making a decision? I flip a coin. And I blindly go with what the coin tells me. However, […]