5 Key Traits of Engaging Marketing Videos

Odds are you’ve heard about the importance of making your marketing videos as ‘engaging’ as possible. However engagement is a difficult metric to pin down, and making videos engaging is vague at best. Still, as much as engagement can be tricky, the good news is that engaging marketing videos tend to share several key traits. […]

Are You Making the Most of Your Time (Without Any Regrets)?

Time is a precious gift. It’s also a weird concept. It flies by when you’re having fun, yet seems to pass slowly when you’re at work or in class at school. Sometimes you watch the clock closely, waiting for the exact time you will be relieved of your duties (or for the bell to ring). […]

LadyBossBlogger, Elaine Rau’s Story

Elaine Rau is the founder of LadyBossBlogger.com. She covers inspiring stories of women’s entrepreneurship on her blog. In this article, she shares her entrepreneurial story. Before starting LadyBossBlogger.com, I was in the wedding industry in Chicago. I had worked my way up the corporate ladder and in two short years went from being a sales rep to […]

Leadership and Teamwork: The Secret to Business Success

University students are familiar with working in groups or teams to complete assignments and projects. The members of the team work together and are dependent on effective communication to achieve their academic goals. Although all students contribute equally, there is one individual within the group who unites the whole team together. Known as the ‘leader’ […]

10 Traits of a Bad Manager

Sometimes poor employee engagement is down to poor management. The frustration, stress, and unhappiness of dealing with lousy management can deteriorate engagement over time. There are usually specific patterns which you can spot, so if you recognize any of the patterns mentioned below, it is essential to act as fast as possible to change them. […]

12 Ways to Deal with Failure

 Everyone wants to be successful. In our attempts to succeed, we often fail. Even though failure is a part of life, it is still hard for us to cope with it. Today, we are going to take a realistic look at some easy-to-do things that will help us deal with failure when it occurs. Whether […]

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for An eCommerce Store

The online shopping market is increasing globally. A lot of thanks go to tech-savvy and indulgent shoppers who prefer buying products and services online rather than visiting brick and mortar shops for the same purpose. A sharp boom in the eCommerce business has invigorated traditional entrepreneurs to take their business to the WWW and grow […]

How to Be Both Boss and Mentor

The Difference Between a Boss and a Mentor A mentor, by definition, is a person who focuses on the growth and development of their mentee. It’s a deeper connection than the one between a manager and employee. Managers care about productivity, so employees only care about their paycheck. Mentors care about their mentee and seeing […]