Can Introverts build a Strong Personal Brand?

Introverts are often misjudged. Extroverts think introverts are boring, shy, depressed, or antisocial. I laugh when I hear this. I’m an introvert! We simply like to keep to ourselves. Once an introvert feels comfortable with you, they are the funniest, most enjoyable people to be around. We are not boring! We are creative! There’s an […]

Personal Branding and its Key Elements

For years, I had never understood the meaning of personal branding the way I do today. I always believed brands came with products; that they came with businesses. People buy things and become regular users because of the value they attach to the product, the name, and the reputation the name earns over time. But […]

Myths and Misconceptions About Personal Branding

Very recently, while attending a business conference, I happened to meet a CEO of a growing company in Bangalore. We started casually discussing what we do and what our future plans were. He had started a manufacturing company a few years ago, which was sadly growing very slowly; to be frank, his revenues were stagnant […]

7 Tips to Rapidly Boost Your Twitter Followers

Do your tweets go into oblivion? Are you irritated you can’t attract more followers? With Twitter, the entire story revolves around your following. An interesting tweet soon becomes famous, and all people want is more and more followers to their handle. Having an influential Twitter account is vital because it has terrific upshots. The more followers you have, […]

8 Things That Every Customer Wants

Make the shopper happy and he or she will be delighted to come back to you over and over again. Annoy just one customer, and ten other customers will follow suit. In this customer-oriented market, the seller must always be on his or her toes to cater to the customer’s needs and have an edge over other […]

7 Factors to Consider while choosing a Web Hosting Service

Are you set to shop for a web hosting service that will be both cost-effective and include good features? It is hard to find one host that offers the perfect balance between cost and specifications. However, if you are aware of the features that you are looking for, you might as well plot in advance […]

Why Is A Company Newsletter Indispensable For Your Business?

The importance of a newsletter is something a company should never ignore. Traditionally, newsletters were published by churches, schools, clubs, societies, NGOs and government organizations to inform their subscribers about what’s going on. Companies soon adopted this method as one of the most important means of communication and marketing. A company newsletter is published at regular intervals and usually contains […]

How to Add a Product and Embed Code Using Instamojo

Instamojo helps you collect payments online. It is one of the simplest payment solution platforms in India. And, one of the biggest reasons for its success is the fact that you don’t even need a website to start collecting payments online. You can generate payment links through Instamojo and sell things through your social media […]