Landing Pages, What You Need To Know?

Landing Pages, What You Need To Know?

Landing pages, squeeze pages, sales letters – these are some internet marketing terms you may have heard but failed to understand their real meaning.

I’m not going into specific definitions about them in this post, there’s the dictionary and Wikipedia for that.

To me, all three mean the same thing. They’re copy (written words) on your website, emailer or anywhere else created with a specific objective in mind.

The objective could be lead generation, sales, or just increase inquiries for your product.

What makes a great landing page?

#1 Talks directly to their prospective customer

One of the first things I ask my clients is “Who is your target customer?” If you’ve been trying to sell your product to everybody who walks in that door, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Take some time out, think for a while “Who is my most likely customer?

Even if you’re wrong, that’s ok. You can always change course. The most important part is to make a start. Just make a list of qualities of who your ideal customer is.

#2 Touches a pain point

When you figure out who your ideal customers are, make the time to hang out and get to know your target market. Understand their needs, wants and their deepest desires.

Once you get to know them mentally and emotionally, you’ll be able to understand their problems, and position your product as a solution to their problems.

#3 Has one objective

The biggest mistake with landing pages is trying to do too many things at the same time. You are either acquiring leads, making a sale, or just trying to increase inquiries for your product.

A lot of people are trying to do too many things with their landing pages. So pick one objective. I have different landing pages for different purposes. The purpose of each of these pages is very different from the other.

#4 Very clearly states the benefits

In my copywriting days, I used to look through my spam folder just analyzing marketing messages. And I’ll tell you from experience, I couldn’t figure out what people were selling.

How can you expect people to buy from you when they have no clue what you’re selling.

The next thing is to list your benefits very clearly. Tell the customer what will happen if they buy your product. Will they become bigger, stronger, happier, funnier?

#5 No Distractions

A lot of websites have shiny objects all over the place. What do I mean by that? They have so many columns, there’s a column to the left, right, another one in the middle, and the visitor has no clue where to look on the website.

Make it easy for your prospect, most people have no clue what they are looking for. The challenge is to give the customer what he wants when he himself has no clue what he’s looking for.

Keep your landing page – nice and clean – no distractions on either of the columns.

#6 Very clear call to action

Landing pages should tell the reader exactly what to do. There has to be a clear call to action. It could be asking them to sign up on your mailing list, or even asking for a sale.

Formatting Tips

Make it easy for the reader with headings and sub-headings.

The purpose of the heading is to entice your reader to read the first line. The first should entice him to read the next and so on.

People don’t usually read word to word of an article, they scan through the article. So have sub-headlines are a nice way of catching his attention.

Your copy should have short paragraphs.

Long paragraphs are usually intimidating. Small paragraphs break up a long landing page into smaller blocks of content that are more easily digestible.

A paragraph of not more five sentences is a good guideline. But they can be shorter than that if you desire.

Readable and large fonts

Your font shouldn’t be too large or too small. They should be just enough for the reader to read comfortably.

Bullet points

Another method to make your copy more readable is bullet points, and numbered lists. It just makes your copy more organized.

What if you don’t have good copywriting skills?

Copywriting is a specialized skill. The copy on the website is too important to be done by a novice. If you don’t have the skills, find someone who is a really good copywriter. A good copywriter is worth every penny.


Landing pages are a great way to acquire leads, and make a sale. It’s sometimes the most important page(s) on your website. Most websites around the world are not doing their job of acquiring leads. The best landing pages very clearly define their product, benefits, have a clear objective, and are formatted to make it easy for the reader.

Landing page softwares

Leadpages – It helps you create beautiful landing pages easily with no knowledge of coding. User friendly software.

Unbounce – Similar to lead pages but not as sophisticated. Quite surprised that it is more expensive than leadpages but not as robust.

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