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We regret to inform that we are not accepting any guest posts or stories at this time.

Do you have a great story to tell? We are always looking for first person stories related to business, finance, career, lifestyle, productivity, management, marketing, and sales. Stories should be true, inspiring and make the reader laugh, cry or entice them to take action.

Other articles that we are particularly interested in are tips, how-to, and tutorials. We are fairly open and like to experiment with various different styles, so feel free to submit content written in your own style. Our only requirement is that articles need to be 750+ words. We like longer articles and rarely accept articles below 750 words.

Submission Guidelines

1. Articles and guest posts must be original pieces written exclusively for
2. The articles cannot be republished anywhere else.
3. A two line byline/bio will be provided at the bottom of the article for authors and they can place a link or email in the byline that will get them some leads from interested readers.
4. All articles will need to be approved by our editorial team. We cannot guarantee that all articles will be published. But if it’s a good fit with our readers and the article is of great quality that helps CEOs of companies with 50+ employees, it is very likely that it will be published.
5. Please avoid infomercials – articles that are disguised sales letters. Our readers see through it. And it is not going to help you or us. In fact, it will harm both of us and we won’t publish it. Show your expertise and benefit the reader, that’s the best way to create a bond with the audience and be a sought-after writer.
6. Guest posts/columns are unpaid.

If you have an interesting story, you may submit your story to the Editor via email at